Michael is a part-time coach for Indy South and a full-time Physical Therapist at a local south-side orthopedic clinic. He discovered Crossfit 4 years ago and started coaching in early 2017. Michael has a passion for fitness, but his greatest enjoyment is educating, guiding, and motivating individuals to realize their true potential. He believes there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a member reach their fitness goals and achieving what they previously thought was not possible. He shares the mission of the gym to inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes, and has advanced training and degrees in movement analysis, exercise progression, and injury prevention that ensures proper form and scaling of movements to help maximize each workout, regardless of fitness level. His passion for Crossfit is rooted in the camaraderie experienced when a group of people gather and give everything they have to better themselves. You can often find Michael smiling and chuckling at the site of exhausted bodies splayed out on the floor after a workout, knowing they gave everything they had!

Role: CF Coach

Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

Favourite WOD:  Jackie & Grace

Favourite Exercise: Snatch & Pull-ups

Least Favourite Exercise: BURPEES

Likes: Dance parties with my daughter, Crossfit, Hunting, Sports (anything competitive)

Dislikes: When people cheat themselves, when the last scoop of pre-workout isn’t a full scoop!


·Doctor of Physical Therapy

·Crossfit judges course 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

·CPR/ First Aid

·Life Guard