Geoff is a part time coach. His goal as a fitness coach is to be better today that he was yesterday. This involves expanding his knowledge and helping athletes with issues that arise.

Role: CF Coach

Born: Defiance, OH

Favorite WOD: All of them (after they are over)

Favorite Exercises: Short ones and double unders

Least Favorite Exercises: Sit ups and burpees

Likes: Woodworking, Shooting, America

Dislikes: Soup, Sitting



CPR First Aid

Geoff is a US Navy vet (June 2001 – March 2006), has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, and is currently working on a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from IU. Geoff started crossfit when his wife made him in 2015. He obtained his CF-L1 in 2017.

Geoff’s individual goal with crossfit is to “not die of a heart attack at 60.” Geoff’s coaching goal is to help people develop a goal and see it through, focusing on proper technique and eliminating roadblocks.