: It should be a relatively quick Workout. Top Performers will go around 10min and the majority a little over that. Nothing should be too heavy that they will be limited by weight. Burpees should be done fast, Step Ups should be consistent and the Bar Hang may get tough depending on your grip strength



DB Step Ups (30/20lbs)
Accumulate 90 sec bar hang


Name:  Rhonda Wilson
Age:   50
Occupation:  Retired Air Traffic Controller
Family:  husband Scott, daughter Isabel (age 13)
How long have you been coming to ISC?  21 months
What got you started?    Back in 2010, I was very sick with undiagnosed Celiac Disease. It took over a year to get a proper diagnosis. During that time, I was literally starving because everything I ate went straight through. I lost a tremendous amount of muscle and was very weak.  On the proper diet, I gained weight (too much), but not muscle. Fast forward to 2015: After being retired for 6-8 months, I found myself putting my daughter on the school ....