There are a few different ways to approach this workout. For
today,we want the goal to be for everyone to find a rep schemeand movement
modification that they can hold across the 30min. We would rather see them do this than
attempt Rxd and start failing after a few rounds.
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15Air Squats
EMOM 30min

Name:  Rhonda Wilson
Age:   50
Occupation:  Retired Air Traffic Controller
Family:  husband Scott, daughter Isabel (age 13)
How long have you been coming to ISC?  21 months
What got you started?    Back in 2010, I was very sick with undiagnosed Celiac Disease. It took over a year to get a proper diagnosis. During that time, I was literally starving because everything I ate went straight through. I lost a tremendous amount of muscle and was very weak.  On the proper diet, I gained weight (too much), but not muscle. Fast forward to 2015: After being retired for 6-8 months, I found myself putting my daughter on the school ....