Warm up: Coach's choice


Power snatch


21, 15, 9

Run 200 meters before each set

Dead lift 185/125

Bar over burpees

Wall Balls 

Pull ups


21, 15, 9

Run 200 meters before each set

Kettle bell swings 35/53


wall balls

pull ups




30 Strict Pull Ups



Rest 5 Minutes & Repeat class wod.

JULIA REYNOLDS “You can’t be smart and strong at the same time.” At least that’s what I used to believe. And since school was super important to me, anything gym-related was just nonexistent in my life. Fast forward—I’m 32 years old and school is still important to me—I’m the librarian at Greenwood High School, an avid reader, and a book blogger. But changes in my body the last few years made me realize that sitting around just isn’t the lifestyle I wanted. So I very timidly walked into ISC back in December 2013, knowing full well that I was the “underdog” in the group. And that’s when I realized how valuable the Crossfit community is to growing confident and motivated. My favorite Crossfit memory is from ....
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